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Okay, so I am going to start this one as a regular thing, I'm going to call it The Joyful Eight were i will discuss eight of my favorite, or least favorite things on a said topic. I hope to post these every Friday for you to enjoy:

I asked my awesome friend LauzaLeto (Check her out here) for an Idea on what i should start off with and she suggested to make it personal (like my blog) and name my top eight Thirty Seconds to Mars songs. Mars are close to my heart and It's a perfect way to start of this awesome feature, :D.

Here goes: (each title contains a link.)

1. Attack: I loved this song from the moment I heard it, It's starts so uniquely, and the way Jared sings it, the drums, everything it just jumped out at me when i was reconnecting with Mars. I suffer with an anxiety disorder and this song is one of the only things that can calm me mid anxiety attack, this song has gotten me out of  many sticky situations. (Side note: Jared Leto's eyes in this video clip are divine) This song is best listened to on high quality headphones, Or you miss so much  artistry.

2. Night of the Hunter: This song is a 5.38 minute tale of sexy epicness that's filled with awesomeness that makes me want to dance to the beat the second i hear the first tap on the drums. This song is great from open to end. about nine seconds in there is this epic waaa (arent my music terms great?) on the guitar that just makes me feel like its exploding orange glittery stars out side of my speakers. Shannon Leto's drums are the most remarkable part of this song, they are flawless, he is flawless. . . okay i need to calm down.

3. The Kill: If you havent heard this song before, let me know where your rock is and I'll come remove it! The Kill has been a song that has stuck in my life for a very long time, longer then any other Mars song, it has been in my life. . . about eleven years, it kinda makes me feel old, but I am so thankful for this song. This song can make me cry, in two seconds, it can make me angry, it can have me accepting myself any emotion, this song can and will bring it out in me. I could literally write an entire blog post about this song, but i wont. Please, if you listen to one of the songs on this list, make it this one, actually give your self a treat and listen to them all. 

4. Kings & Queens: *Squaa* < Legit my text tone (listen to the song, you'll understand!) This song is pretty great though. Lauz, my dear doesnt like it, but I adore it. This song is just so inspiring to me. The words are so fitting for me and where i feel i belong in the world. The lyrics 'The age of man is over, a darkness comes at dawn, these lessons that we've learned here, have only just begun' would have to be some of my favorites of all time, the way Jared sings the last "We are the kings, we are the queens" at the end, gives me chills every time. at 5.19There is this one brr (again my music terms, right?) that just makes the chills, chill on my skin. Oh and Shannon, did i mention his talent is flawless?

5. Alibi: Okay, this song is beautiful, like just. . . the first line is 'no warning sign' but this is your warning sign, this song will give you the feels. The way Jared sings this from first word to last cry, you know he feels it, you know this is real to him. This song will give you chills.

6. Northern Lights: This is like a super awesome, i really hate a lot about a lot right now and so I'm going to write this song about you and you're never going to be intelligent enough to know it's about you song. This song has inspired my current novel that i really should be writing, its just a super awesome gritty song that you should listen to if you ever aspire to be a ninja.

7. Hurricane: I couldnt not include Hurricane considering the line 'there's a fire inside this heart and a riot about to explode in to flames' (you see the words, I'm talking about right?) This song is pretty much one of the main inspirations behind the name of my blog, (you can read all about that here) but this song and video are flawless, the clip the music undertones that you just done notice unless you really pay attention. This song is art. It's kind of like what you would imagine Pizza to be like in Italy. . . art.

8: Conquistador: I dont know who decided to make the limit to this post eight, but i do not like them. While other notable songs like From Yesterday, Up In The Air, Escape, Bright Lights, R-Evolve and what would have probably been number nine Closer to the Edge all jumping out at me trying to get noticed i went for the underated little beauty called Conquistador. This song is a burst of energy that gets me excited every time i hear it. Its an classic rock song (in my opinion) with great guitars, vocals and obviously drums (come on dudes it's Shannon), I kind of feel like this song rounds of this list pretty well.

So that's it, my top 8 Thirty Seconds to Mars song, this post was hard guys! Putting a limit on something like this? Anyway let me know, are you Echelon? Do you have a song that you would rather see on this list? Are you surprised any are on this list? Comment below or hit me up on twitter @moniquediplock

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