Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Book Review: Pistol Daisy by Natalia Leigh

                                                                  What's it about?
The year is 1880, and outlaw gangs roam the West.
When Daisy Allen’s family is brutally murdered by the infamous Hopkins gang, she’s left with two options: drown in a bottle of whiskey and grief, or saddle up and hunt the killers down. Accompanied by strangers in pursuit of the same outlaws, Daisy takes to the Colorado plains with an old revolver and a hunger for revenge. But the Hopkins gang isn’t easily found, and as their pockets run dry and the trail goes cold, Daisy and her companions may be at the end of the road. She must learn how to survive in this dangerous world of outlaws and gunslingers, or her only chance at avenging her family may be lost.

Don’t miss Whiskey City, the next book in Daisy’s cutthroat quest for revenge.

Disclaimer: I was given an ARC copy of Pistol Daisy in exchange of an honest review. 
                     This review was originally posted to my book reviewing blog: The Book Mystress

Review: I’ve been wanting to read the work of Natalia Leigh for sometime now. I’ve had her previous novel Song of The Dryad on my wish list for a while but when the request for review was made I jumped at the chance to see if Natalia’s work was everything I had built it up to be in my mind. I’m delighted to say I wasn’t disappointed.
I received my E-copy of Pistol Daisy in mid-May. When I saw it was on my kindle, I opened it up (like I do with most books I receive) to read the first couple of pages to get a feel of the story and how it’s written. I had every intention to just read the first chapter, maybe the second. The next time I looked up from the pages, it was 45% through the novel. I took a couple of days off to finish the book I was currently reading. When I picked Pistol Daisy up, I finished it just a few hours later.
Pistol Daisy is an extremely captivating novel. I felt deep sorry for Daisy as she endured the events thrust upon her through out this journey. I came to admire her for fighting through the travesties put in front of her to at each turn she took and becoming a strong willed character that can stand up to the gnarliest men.
Natalia Leigh’s writing is seamless. You can tell that a lot of research, thought and time has gone in to sewing together such a fine piece of art.
I thoroughly enjoyed Pistol Daisy. Since reading I have managed to get my hands on Song of The Dryad and will be reading that as soon as I can in hope it will be able to tied me over until I can read more in Daisy’s journey in the upcoming sequel, Whiskey City.

Interested? Check Pistol Daisy out on Goodreads for all the places to purchase it from.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

My Wild Secret.

Hey Buddies!

With the world currently in a dark times and all of us being held in place for unusually long periods of time. I have decided it is time to let my readers in on something I hold near and near to my heart.
WildEarth (Previously known as SafariLIVE)is something I’ve been rather reluctant to talk about to very many people. I found WildEarth in a rather hard time, it helped me through that time and many others over the years. Seeing as the world is going through a unforeseen unpredictable hard time, I thought it was a good time to make my readers and followers aware of this little known gem in hope they can find some solace like I have many times before.
WildEarth - Sunrise Safari - 3 April 2020 - YouTubeWhat is wild earth? 
WildEarth is a South African based company that was Founded in 2006 by Emily and Graham Wallington. The Wallington’s had a vision to produce a product that massively focused on bringing a live, honest, interactive and immersive, experience of the natural world - as beautiful and brutal as it can be - into the homes of many.
With the plight of conservation and education in the forefront, WildEarth attempt to create characters out of the wild animals frequently viewed on the reserves they traverse. By doing this, the presenters are able to create a connection with the viewers to these animals. By doing this, the viewers are able to empathize with the animals through that connection. Therefore, become passionate about the preservation of the multitudes of animals that WildEarth see, as well as other animals all around the globe.
Masai Mara National Reserve | Luxury Kenya Safari | andBeyond
Maasai Mara - Kenya
Do not be mistaken though. The animals presented on WildEarth are not domesticated they are 100% wild animals. WildEarth - as well as countless guides and companies - have spent thousands of hours habituating these animals to the presence of the vehicles. The animals that are viewed frequently learn that these vehicles are not there to cause them harm in anyway. Therefore, they do not care of their presence. Take a leopard’s impala or warthog meal, you might have a whole other issue on your hands.
WildEarth has spent extensive time filming in the picture-esque Maasai Mara, produced under-water content through DiveLIVE, as well as many other places. WildEarth have recently created an amazing partnership with &Beyond, An amazing company that has a large respected place in the safari industry. Through this partnership with &Beyond, WildEarth have recently been privileged to start filming out of &Beyond Ngala, situated along the serene Timbavati river, home of two white lions, two of only three *wild* white lions in the world.
andBeyond Ngala Safari Lodge
&Beyond Ngala - South Africa
The traditional home of WildEarth is Djuma Private Game Reserve. Djuma is part of the Sabi Sands. The Sabi Sands holds privilege of some of the most intimate leopard sightings in the world. WildEarth have been overjoyed to spend hours upon hours in leopards sightings, given them the privilege of following the animals from birth through all of life’s highs and lows to death, live in real time.(and not just the leopards). WildEarth have called Djuma home for the best part of 10 years.
 The Sabi Sands, along with the Timbavati and other reserves make up the western fringes of the Greater Kruger National Park. Animals can roam from Kruger National Park to it’s connected reserves with great ease do to the recent drop of many fences.
The team behind WildEarth are like a big cozy family. From the bosses, to the managers, to the directors, editors, cooks, cleaners, presenters and camera operators, you can tell through the live lens that they are a humble cohesive group that care greatly about each other, the animals and the content they produce.
thamba hashtag on Twitter
Thamba (my favorite Leopard)
Djuma - Sabi Sands - South Africa
Photo Taken By: Tristan Dicks
One of my favorite things about WildEarth (besides the leopards) is the focus they put on education of children. As children are the future of our planet, kids questions take preference. On top of that, schools/teachers are able to book slots so their class can take an interactive educational live drive dedicated to the young ones booked in that slot. The privacy of the children and schools is also of importance with the children and their teacher having a place where they can talk directly to the crew to ask any questions their hearts desire.
WildEarth has been and still is such a large a part of my life for many years. I have gained some great friends, obtained an immense amount of knowledge. I have laughed, cried, been angry, surprised, annoyed, thrilled. The adrenaline that course through my veins at times is intoxicating. Not to mention my already extreme fondness for animals has grown to an unmeasurable amount.
Safari Wild: Djuma Clan Hyenas with Plonk, African Wild Dogs ...
Plonk - Spotted Hyena
Very underrated animals
I hope this blog has made you consider joining the addiction that is the WildEarth Family.

While the world is in a stand still you can watch a virtual, live Safari

You can watch WildEarth on: 

You can follow WildEarth on: 
Twitter: use #wildearth to ask questions and follow

When is it on? I got you fam!
The Sunrise Safari:
Central African Time (CAT): 06:00 
Pacific time (PT): 21:00
Eastern Time: (ET): 0:00
Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST): 14:00
New Zealand Standard Time (NZST): 16:00

The Sunset Safari:
Central African Time (CAT): 15.30
Pacific time (PT): 06.30
Eastern Time: (ET): 09:30
Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST): 22.30
New Zealand Standard Time (NZST): 01:30

(if your time or a time near you isn't listen contact me on on of my social media's and I will be happy help you out.)

Thanks for reading, stay safe and healthy. 

Friday, January 24, 2020

2020 Life Update!

Hey buddies!

I wrote a blog before this one that dealt with my mental health a little, then I realized, I kind of needed to give you guys a little life catch up.. 
If you’re a regular follower of this blog you well realize that I haven’t posted since August, my post before that was July 11. The space in between these two posts, my world pretty much fell apart. 

On the 15th of July 2019, my little brother and best friend Lane passed away suddenly. Lane was 23 and one of the massive veins that held our family together. I talk about it at length on my Youtube Channel. 

During the same time, one of my good friends and my birthday buddy died by suicide. A few months later, my paternal grand mother passed away. Needless to say, the last 5-6 months have been an utter pain in the ass.
To be honest, the second half of 2019 felt like 10 years in it’s self, not to mention the mental pain myself and my family have been going through. 
I’ve spent most of my time since in bed avoiding my head by binging Youtube, Netflix, Stan and Disney+. I did manage to win NaNoWriMo after losing in 2018 but I sort of kind of haven’t written a word since… other than my embarrassingly overdue university essays. 
Moving on to 2020, it’s gotten off to a cracking start, I had a day surgery, and avoided my life for a further 21 days. 
I am aware of the massive change in my life and how I need to adapt to it, in fact, I talk about it in the follow up blog to this one. At the same time though, I am getting really sick of myself and how much of nothing I have done over the last 6 months. I have so much that I want to do for my brother to honor him, and so many dreams of my own, so since Tuesday I’ve been forcing myself out of bed to get stuff done. 
I am usually a person that makes new years resolutions, I usually choose a word. (I think my word for 2019 was achieve) This year, even though I thought about it for a very long time, I decided this year I’m not going to expect to change the world like I usually do. I don’t think that’s fair on me. 
The only goal in have made for this year is to wake up daily and at the very minimum,  do one productive activity a day. I may have decided on this 21 days in to the year, but I think it’s a good idea, so when I get to December 31, I can at least feel like I’ve done something as I am forced to adapt to a world that I didn’t want or ask for. 
Other than that, that’s pretty much all I have planned for 2020. I’m sure other things will happen, other goals will arise, I know I still need to navigate my way through university. There will be good times, there will be sad and bad times, but I think at this point, I just need to get through each day doing something to help a future me that might have a less foggy brain. 
I know this wasn’t a happy go lucky positive blog, but I felt I was an important one to write so my readers were aware of the situation I am in at the moment. 
I hope to post a little more regularly then I have been. Creating, writing, sharing and hopefully inspiring people is one of the things that gets me through my hard and dark times. 
Thanks for reading, comment below some of the goals you have for 2020, I hope you are able to stick around so we can share this journey together. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Book Review: The Stolen Kingdom by Bethany Atazadeh

The Stolen Kingdom: An Aladdin Retelling
Title: The Stolen Kingdom: An Aladdin Retelling
Author Bethany Atazadeh
Medium: Advanced Readers Copy. 
Blurb: How can she protect her kingdom, if she can’t protect herself?

Arie eagerly anticipates becoming Queen of her humble kingdom. Even when a Jinni’s Gift manifests before her 18th birthday, she fights to hide the forbidden ability.

But when a neighbouring king attempts to marry her and steal her kingdom, discovery feels imminent. Just one slip could cost her throne. And her life. 

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Character Interview: Emily Wellz

Hey Guys! So, my posts after this are planned until mid-August.  but I was looking for something to post today, I asked some friends for ideas and they came up with a character interview. So that's what I am doing. I answered the questions under my main character from Stand Tall, They'll Break Your Heart which is the novel I am rewriting for Camp NaNoWriMo. Thanks to this website for the questions. 

1. What's your name? Emily
2. Give me your full name..? Emily Ruby Wellz
3. Do you have a nickname? If yes, what is it and how did you come to have it? Emmi or something basic like that’s just an abbreviation of my name.
4. What species are you? (Human, werewolf, etc? Or are you an alien?) human, lol.
5. Where/when were you born?  Los Angeles, on December 11th, (note: I’m still toying with Emily’s year of birth)
6. I see. And that would make your age...? 16.
7. Okay, now...are you a good guy or a bad guy? *picking paint off her fingernail* depends on you, really.