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Hello Dreamers!
Thanks for visiting my about me page, I am Monique, obviously!  I am known to some as a book reviewer, others as an author, mental health Student, a music addict, a wrestling enthusiast, and so many other things, that are all true descriptions of who i am. To be honest though all i want for is to have a voice that inspires people, if only one person.
I am really interested in sharing my life's experiences with those who are interested in what a unique Australian female has to say on the world.
On this blog i am interested in sharing my life's loves, hates, good times, bad times opinions on mental health and other important topics, sharing my creative things, like my writing, I love arts and crafts, and look forward reviewing products, movies, books, music, tv shows, restaurants so many things with in this blog.
I am also an Author, I have to short stories published here and here which i am very proud of.
As I mentioned, i hope to inspire some of you guys to go out there and find something that you guys enjoy doing as much as i like sharing my experiences with others, with lifes ups and downs, in my eyes they are only worth while if i have help some one along their journey.
I originally started my blogging experience review books on my original Blog The Book Mystress that i started a number of years ago, but i realized that having a blog that was just for reviewing books limited me to what i could talk about on it, so this blog that you're reading now can be for everything my little (or big) heart desires!
So i guess that's pretty much it for now. While some of my topics could be a little heavy at times, I really do hope to bring some joy to your life, please do not be afraid to participate, i encourage it.

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