I Never Thought I Would say This

10:17 AM

But. . . . you can pre-order my book!!

Remember when I posted a guest post for Publisizer? (read it here) well, I decided to bit the bullet and apply for myself.

This actually such an exciting idea, that I have been accepted for. Check Out My Proposal 

So what happens is if people pre-order my book, the book in question will be quired to a certain amount of publishers, the publisher number becoming greater the greater the number of people who back the novel.

That's where I need you.

If you guys can it would be amazing if you could support my campaign, it's kind of a go fund me style deal.

Don't make up your mind right now, I'll let video me explain a little.

There are lots of ways to support, you don't even have to give a monetary amount! Just share this post and I will be forever grateful. 

Once again the link to my campaign is here

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