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Helloooo guys!!!
I decided a couple of weeks ago to start looking for products both beauty and not that are going to be better for my self and the enviroment, I am a huge fan of cruelty free products (I am not saying every single product i use is cruelty free, I'm betting they're not!) but the product I am reviewing for you today is an Australian company called Necessity!!
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I approached Necessity about three weeks or more ago in hope that they would want to work with me, I was over the moon when they agreed to send me some product, in the mail about 2-4 days later I received the product, three sticks, the Mandarin Lip Balm, The Lemon Lip Balm and the Zit-Stick. The package was tight and the product was protected by a foam casing, which I appreciated, now on to the product!

Organic Mandarin Lip Balm
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Mandarins are probably my favourite fruit, well, next to watermelon when i was asked what Necessity products i was interested in, this was number one. (I already have a watermelon lip balm or two) Mandarin flavour anything is hard to find, so this was a happy sight for me.
Th products container and packaging were shipped well, the design is great, I have them in a draw with other similar products and they stand out, I'm able to find what I want, when i need it. I had trouble opening the lid because I'm a little dence and didnt see the 'twist' instruction, but that was my fault not theirs. upon opening i was surprised to see a creamy white product over an orange/mandarin coloured product, never the less my nose was filled with the lovely smell of mandarin.
The texture was smooth to apply, but the taste was not what i was expecting, the mandarin was barely there, the taste on my lips, wasnt bad, it just wasnt what i was expecting.
I left the product on my lip for a few hours went around town and saw to some errands, I did notice my lips were nice and soft, smoothed and not chapped, which in the weather of that day, I am happy to give away my proffered taste for a lip balm that actually works, that is what i got with this product

Organic lemon Lip Balm
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The Lemon Lip Balm was insanely similar to the Mandarin one, obviously because they were made by the same company,
I opened the product and was greeted by a nice lemon smell, again lemon flavours are some of my favourites, so i was happy about the smell, the stick looked the same on the inside, in fact cut the three sticks open and you might not be able to tell which product is which. Though the biggest difference with Lemon Vs Mandarin was the tasted, this one tasted like lemon, I know I keep going on about the taste but when it's sitting on my lips its kind of important to me. Like the mandarin one I wore it on a long day with out any other lip products and it gave me the same smooth  result hours after application through drinks and food. Very Impressive!

Zit-Stik - Anti-Acne Anti-bacterial Stick
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OMG!! I was impressed with this product!!! When i was looking around the website I was sceptical about this one, I mean what could a lip balm looking thing possibly do for MY pimples. . . seriously? It helps them go away!!
Opening the product it is that same waxy creamy colour that the lip balms are, and you are met with a strong smell of tea tree oil.
When I received this i had one small pimple under my nose, I put it on there, the next day it was actually gone, I kind of rolled my eyes a little as it was one of those pimples that typically doesn't stay around for very long. Then about a week later i got a pimple on my cheek, the side of my nose under my glasses and one on my arm, as a test i put it on all three, one pimple went away fairly quickly, I was impressed but still a little sceptical, but i reapplied anyway and to be honest a couple of applications later the problem zits where gone, and I wasn't sceptical any more.
The product was easy to apply, my problem with it, is that i have oily skin and it left behind an oily residue, which honestly isn't a problem for me as it is a small problem for long term gain, once left, the oiliness went away. I seriously recommend this product if you want a nice simple fix for problematic zits!

I really enjoyed working with Necessity, they have some great products that I am hoping to give a try soon enough (cold sore relief, I'm looking at you( check it out here)). The person I had contact with was super friendly, Super big thanks to them for giving me the chance to talk about them

Thanks for stopping by!

Monique, xo

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