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Okay, So I am Australian! I didn't think it was a secret, I always get amused at the types of questions the rest of the world has for us! So i went on google and found THESE QUESTIONS on Yahoo Answers and thought it would be cool if i picked out a couple to answer :-)

1. Have you ever seen a kangaroo or koala in the wild? 

Yes, I have, i will insert a photo of a Mummy and Bubba Koala for the proof, Kangaroos are not rare to see in the wild i have seen them on many occasions, in fact my step brother once had a pet joey named Joey

2. Are surprised people from overseas are so gullible that they believe Australians are surrounded by "deadly and dangerous creatures" every hour of the day?

It's not a surprise that most things in Australia can kill you, but they rarely do. It's assumed that in Australia you are always about 1 metre away from a spider and sitting here right now i can see three, whether or not they're the deadly type is another story. But no, it does not surprise me as a lot of Australian are gullible to that as we.. 
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Koala's I saw when driving with my brothers, give credit if you use this picture!

3. Are there any holidays you can think of that are specific to Australia or Oceania? 
Cant talk for Oceania, but Australia day is January 26, it marks the day the British invaded our country and took it from our Aboriginal people. I dont think there are really any other that we celebrate most other countries dont, I think the Queen gets two public holidays over here though?

4. have you ever eaten vegimite? If so, do you like it? 
Vegemite is a staple in my house, I LOVE it. Most Australians will prank visitors by putting it on a spoon and feeding it to them like it's chocolate spread, it's the wrong way to eat it, if you eat it like that, of course you're not going to like it, I could rant about Vegemite and how it's portrayed but it could be a whole other post of its own!

5. Given the opportunity, would you climb Uluru (Ayres Rock)?
No! Uluru is a sacred site for our Traditional owners, If you come here feel free to look, walk around it but PLEASE don't climb it as the traditional owners of our land have asked that people do not do this, they will not stop you but its very rude if you do. 

6.Have you ever had a close encounter with a deadly snake or a crocodile? 
I have seen many 'deadly' snakes in around the roads but never 'really' had a close encounter with them. as for a crocodile, i saw a really cool one at a Zoo, he hand the biggest teeth, but no, never seen one in the wild, but i would love too. 

7. Are you happy that the majority of Australians do not own any sort of firearm? 

Yes! I get so sad with all the school shootings in America, it hurts my heart. I am so glad we cracked down on this long ago. Whether you agree with our laws or not our gun related deaths are far far lower because of laws put in to protect our people, something like 1.2 per100,000 in australia with 3.5 per 100,000 in the USA and the stats are a whole lot higher for the USA if you bring non fatal ingures in to it, something like 23.23 per 100,000 U.S. citizens but again, that could be a whole nother post!

8. What is the farthest distance you have driven in one day? 
The furthest distance i have travelled in one day is Sydney to Melbourne which is roughly 950kms, it takes about 12 hours, . . . make sure you've got lots of Music, water and snacks if you ever plan to do it!

Do you have a question for An Australian? Who Better to ask then an Australian? Comment below or hit me up on Twitter @moniquediplock 
Thanks for reading guys!

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