My Favourite Christmas Songs!

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I'm doing my very best to be festive this year, as I have failed at it for a very very long time, now. I dont know if it's working but you know what? Its getting me in a good blog posting habit. Over the years we've all collected our favourite Christmas tunes, this my friends, is my list! And as always, It's going to be a list of eight

1. Silent Night by Michael Buble: 
This has always been a personal favourite Christmas Tune of mine, It's just such a pretty song, and well lets face it, everything by Michael Buble is pretty! Especially his face!

2. Last Christmas by Wham
Some songs, just do not need explanations, like this one!

3. Jingle Bell Rock By Bobby Helms!
Who does not like this song? Amazing song! So groovy! Did I just say 'groovy?' ughhh I'm getting old! LOL!

4. White Christmas By Johnny Ruffo!
This song is high on my list because one of my dreams before I die is to experience a white Christmas, where I'm from, Australia it's summer in December so it's always hot and sticky, I'd love to be cold at this time of year maybe I'd enjoy it a lot more? Also, This version is by a really talented singer who doesn't get enough credit, give it a listen and show him some love!

5. Run Run Rudolph By Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarckson is beautiful, and so is this version of Run Run Rudolph! That's why it gets number six on my list!

6. All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey. 
I dont think any modern Christmas song list would be complete with out this little number, Mariah Caray, love her or hate her, she's a brilliant singer and Christmas isnt Christmas unless you get annoyed by this song, still! It is wonderful!

7. Have your self a Merry Little Christmas by Michael Buble: 
If you're wondering why Michael Buble got in here twice it's because it's Michael Buble, who else would we want in our ears at Christmas, not to mention, this song is perfection!

8. War Is Over By Bert McCracken and the Street drum Corps.
So Bert McCracken might not be every body's cup of tea but back in my younger days, he was most definitely mine. I'll never argue against his talent and i think in this rendition of Merry Xmas (War is Over) it comes across so well, I've hear probably hundreds of versions of this song, and this has always stuck as my favourite Christmas song.  (sorry the song isnt available on Spotify!)

Click Here To follow the playlist i made especially for this blog post!

So What Are Some of your favorite Christmas Tunes? Comment below and leave a link to them, so i can check them out!!

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