Sunday, December 11, 2016

My Favourite Christmas Foods

I had a the options of three different posts today, forgotten favourites, a Vlog or My favourite Christmas foods. Because i am currently hungry wishing it was December 25 already, i am going to indulge you all in a list of my favourite things to eat at Christmas!

1. Trifle: Trifle is amazing! It is something that only ever tastes best at Christmas. Even though i might eat it multiple times through out the year. . . . What? It's amazing, that cake and jelly goodness, who can go past it?
2. Ham: It could be a crime to go through Christmas with out having a leg of ham. well at east in my family, it would be! haha!
3. Turkey: Turkey isn't exactly my 'favourite' meat, but it's my mum's and it wouldn't be my family's Christmas table if it was no there turkey, I think my mum would have something really big to say about it.  
4. Fruit Mince Pies:
I cant remember a Christmas that i have NOT been gifted Fruit Mince Pies. No one in my family eats them so they get given to me and can often last me well in to the new year. 

5. Candy Canes: Do I really need to explain this one? I have never met a person who does not like Candy Canes, Secret? I stock up on them at Christmas and they last me a good while if stored correctly. =D

6. Chocolate Snow Balls (Truffles):I learnt how to make these when I was about 9, they are super awesome, and one of the best things i have ever tasted in my life they're kind of my go to Christmas dish to make. Perhaps I'll write a blog post on how i usually do it? Comment down below if you want that!!

7. Pork: Not really a festive meat, but its a must on our table for any special occasion, my mum is obsessed with it and i have to say I agree every time when she suggests we have it. She prefers it with out apple sauce, I usually have it half with apple half with gravy, . . hey, I never claimed to be normal!
8. Baked Potatoes: I could eat baked potatoes every day of the year, but it again would  not be my Christmas plate with out them. 

So this is my list guys!! Please comment below, What are your Christmas fav foods? Have I left anything out?

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