Sunday, December 4, 2016

Eight Quirky Christmas Gifts For A Best Friend

Hello Friends! 
I am currently sitting here on my couch with a tummy flu and a pulled shoulder muscle, so i thought what better time to jump on here and compile a list of gifts for that one person who you can rely on for absolutely anything, your best friend!

I admit I love home made type stuff, so most gifts will be from etsy.
(Disclaimer, this post is not sponsored, i have found these myself,)

1. "Like a sister" I really like this one, it's sweet and subtle, you can use it as a key ring or even as a pendant on a necklace or bracelet, it's small enough. I am an avid collector of key rings though so, this looked like a cute little gift, in my eyes. 
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2. My bestie and I are kind of Marvel obsessed, it just so happens that her favorite Avenger is Captain America and mine is The Winter Soldier (yes i know he's not an Avenger) but if you and your BFF are the same then this could be the gift for you guys, even if you're not a Marvel nut, it's still a super nice and sweet sentiment 
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3. Everybody loves a novelty t-shirt, Right? What's better then a novelty tee to sport with your best friend, you could wear it at the same time or just on a day that you want to cheer him or her up, i think this is such a great idea, it comes in all sizes too from baby to x-large, perfect if you as me!
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4. These candles come for all different reasons, I'll be featuring another one in a different Christmas list post but I think this message is great for a best friend though. If you want your entire house to smell like Vanilla, as you think of your BFF then this is the gift for you guys
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5. This is on my to buy list for my best friend and myself, I think It's absolutly stunning and as quirky as she and I. If you and your BFF are up to no good pretty much all the time, like me and mine, this is pretty much a perfect must have gift!
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6. Coffee & Your Bff. . . do i need to say anything else?
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7. So what is a Christmas list with out a little bit of Christmas. When i was researching for this post, I thought this was a really cute idea for a Christmas tree. If you and your BFF are obsessed with christmas like so many are, why not buy two? one for each of you!
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8. And of course no BFF's stocking would be complete with out a sentimental quote to get the tear ducts flowing. This was one of the many I found, but i thought it was super cute, 
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I hope you liked this List guys!! Comment Below what you would get your BFF for Christmas!! I know There are some things on here I'll be getting mine!!

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