Meet My Pets!

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Hey guys, today i thought i would bring you guys a bit of a personal post. This post is literally about those who keep me warm at night! My Pets! Anyone who knows me knows that my pets are my life, Blogging and building a relationship with you guys is also super important to me, so why not show these guys to you.

Meet My Pets.

Meet Ella:

Ella Bella

Ella is 6 years old and shares a birthday with me, only she was born 22 years later. Ella was originally my best friend and my brother's dog, my brother left here in my care for a long period of time then came back and took her, this broke my heart, not too long later he wanted me to look after her again, this is when i said 'if she's coming back to me, She's my dog, it hurts to much to part with her,' evidently, i took her. She's my bubba girl, the vet said she was crazy because she gets over the top hyper, but i wouldn't have her any other way. Sully often attacks Ella but they love each other deep down. . . I hope.

Meet Ollie:

Ollie Gates
Ollie is 5 years old, I got him a little while after my first pet Joel-Branden was killed. He's the only boy in this house hold but funnily enough i feel like he gets me more then the girls do. He loves he's alone time, he loves to snuggle. One of Ollie's favourite past times is stealing my seats when i go to the toilet. He loves super fresh water, so fresh in-fact he likes to lick the stream of water as it's being poured in to the water bowl. I always know when he and his girls are hungry because he just about screams the house down, I wouldnt have it any other way.

Meet Angel:

Angel 'Gengie' Gates
Angel is also five, We also got Angel from my best friend and brother who gave Angel was given to my little brother to take care of an illness she had. At the time Ollie, Ella and I were living at the same house. Ollie and Angel being about a week a part in age hit it off super-duper well. They bonded to the point that we thought it was freakishly human, they used to be the best of friends. Angel is my biggest snuggle buddy, she's always right next to me in one way or another, She is currently on my knee as we speak. She is the boss and everybody bows down to her.

Meet Sully:

Sully 'Panda' Sulsa
Sully is four, she is the product of Ollie and Angel. She has two brothers, Heat and Lucky (Lucky has a different name, but that was his litter name). So I was a little uneducated four years ago when Sully and her brothers were born. I didn't realise that my nine month  old female cat could go in to heat, and I didn't know that my nine month old male cat could produce sperm. Guess what? they can! Enough to produce three beautiful babies. Ollie fixed about a week after the kittens were born so this couldn't happen again but i knew i was going to keep Sully the second I laid eyes on her. She's such a character, I think out of my four animals her personality matches mine the most. I know that my not getting Ollie neutered earlier was careless, but the three kittens have loving homes and I couldn't imagine life with out Sully.

Notable mentions: 


 Joel was my first ever pet, i got him at a really hard time in my life, he ended up becoming my heart and sole. He was my strength when i was weak and my smile when i was strong, He was killed by dogs on 17 May 2011. 


Sasha is not my dog,she was attacked by the same dogs that killed my Joel about a month before he was killed but she fought them off and is still here to tell the tail, with gorry scars to prove it.  life with out here would such so bad! 


 My mum got Susie when I was 6, she died 16 years later when i was 22, three days before Ella was born. She was a great family pet, everyone has a great story about Susie.


Georgie was adopted by my mum from a cat breeder that treated her unjustly. she was malnurished, she was being used as a breeding machine, mum brought her home and brought her back to health. She lives with my brother and my best friend and is living her senior years happy

I'd like to hear about your beloved pets, comment below with pictures or links to pictures,

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