Hello Summer?!

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It's that time of year again where the days are getting longer, the bee's are coming out to play, and the year is beginning to wind up, yes my friends, it's only three more days til spring and three more months until summer. .  wait . . . isnt everybody talking about how summer is just ending? . . . well no, not all of us, some of us are about to come out of hibernation and start on our plight to shave our legs, sunbathing and other summery things

While the majority of the worlds population is bidding fair well to the warmer months of Summer and Spring the southern parts of the globe are gearing up to welcome them in. Winter isnt even over and I can already feel the changes in the air, i swear we barely even had Winter here in Australia. Today I am going to give a little heads up and write about eight things that happen in Australia during the warmer months. I hope you enjoy!

1. The Heat: This one is probably the worst thing, while we have yet to have a day over 25ish. Know it is still August and technically Winter. Its not very inspiring knowing that temps of 43c and above are awaiting my town, worst in the tropics and out west, to convert that in to northern hemisphere, that's about 109.something. not nice, some places this is an average not a height. 

2. Storms: I used to be pretty afraid of storms and to a certain extent i still am. I mean there is a shear beauty in that of what mother nature creates but we also need to respect the savageness of her temper. It is only August 27th and today i wondered what her problem was three times, she went from raining to sunny three times. I'm trying to dry washing . . . seriously!

3. Bushfires: There are so many things I hate about summer but this is probably one of the worst things i can think of. So much devastation, so much injured wild life and such, so many people lose their homes regularly. While bushfires are a necessary evil to regenerate life and clean out our lands the cost that goes with it in a human world is immeasurable 

4. Sunburn: I am a pale redhead with freckles, Here's to obtaining more even when i stay indoors more then i go out!

5. BBQ's: There's nothing like kicking back with your family mates enjoying a BBQ. Seriously! I am hoping to attend a few of these this year, even if I just chuck on a few snags, watch the Originals with a towel on my head in front of the fan in an effort to cool down, sounds like a nice arvo to me!

6. Halloween: I LOVE!! Halloween! I dont know about other Australians or southern dwellers but i find it incredibly hard to paint my face or dress up in some kind of rad costume with out sweating it in to oblivion the second i start at a Halloween party or something, like seriously, i tend to just put on a cool headband and proceed. I kinda have a problem with all this 'Halloween' themed lattes or what ever but it's too hot for that shit at the end of October. 

7. Christmas: I'm dreaming of a White Christmas! Literally! Can I please have a Christmas day below 1000c. . . please? Also, you guys getting all rugged up in your ugleee sweaters and drinking hot chocolate by the fire. . . yah, you know that just isnt acceptable in Australia's winter, right? In July? If i was a million air i would 100% just spend my life chasing the winter. 

8. Fireworks: Yes fireworks are all over the place! From October til Late January there is fireworks all over the place in my town and country, between our local show/fair, the combi beach fest, Carol nights, New years, Australia Day and the random bogan's in my street with nothing better to do you can bet there will be fireworks littering the sky. Though i am yet to make it through a firework exhibition with out crying you can bet your bottom dollar that fireworks in the sky means it's summer somewhere. 

Aussie Bonus - Spiders: This are not my definition of a good time, being Australian you have no choice but to be arachnophobia because every thing with eight legs can probably kill you and the ones that cant are scary af. like look here (5am visitor) and here don't they just want to make you crawl up and die before they kill you? i mean those two i posted are not even venomous but i can tell. . . they want to kill me!

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