Eight Songs That Are More Famous Then The Movies.

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Hello Dreamers!
Today I am coming to you with an  addition to the 8. It's inspired by MTV's Movie Anthems playlist that i currently have on in the background. These songs I actually have trouble recalling the movies names at times but I know every word of the songs and find many of them on my playlists. This is my view, yours may differ, please comment of you think i misssed an important one out. 

  1. Iris - Goo Goo Dolls: Now I'm not saying City Of Angels is or isn't a great movie, I personally havent seen it, It looks like it has a nice story but Iris is one of the most iconic movies songs in the world. It's a great song, they did well with this one!
  2. Gangsta's Paradise - Coolio: One of my all time favorites, but i had to google the song to remember the name of the movie. . . Maybe I'm just dense?
  3. I Dont Want to Miss A Thing - Aerosmith: Armageddon is a great movie an amazingly great movie, i love it but this song. . . it was so big when it came out, and still is today, This song is almost if not as iconic as Iris.
  4. Lose Your Self - Eminem: When you think of this movie what do you think of? That song that matches up to the movie word for scene nearly or Clarence who still lives with his parants (sup Anthony Mackie/Falcon!)
  5. I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston: Not saying The Bodygaurd wasnt a great movie but this song is all we ever thing about when we thing of that movie. . . well at least i do.
  6. Lady Marmalade - Pink, Christina Aguilera, Lil Kim, Mya & Missy Elliot: The Movie wasnt all it was cracked up to me in my opinion, i love the glitter and such of it but the story was lackluster. . . how ever this song was a great payoff! 
  7. Blaze of Glory- Bon Jovi: I dunno about this one, the song is amazing, this one would probably only make it to my list but its a kick ass song!
  8. My Heart Will Go On - -Celine Dion: There was a serious debate in my head whether or not to put this here or something else, I'm still not sure it belongs here but its kinda a song that is pretty well known maybe just a slight more then the movie, . . . I dont know haha.
So that's my list, would you guys change it at all? What would you add?

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