Why I Hate Harry Potter!

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Hello Dreamers!

Okay so this post is going to get me some hate and in a way, its kind of warrented but at the same time not really my fault.
So I kind of hate Harry Potter!

I hold a bit of a grudge against the guy! Before you comment hate or leave me forever alone let me explain.

Like many of you, I was bullied in High school, by many people for different things. One group of my bullies found a likeness between me and everybody's favorite wizard, well at least these are the things i narrowed it down to.

Likeness Number 1

I'm a wizard!

Likeness Number 2

Thanks to the curse of defective eyes that have haunted me pretty much all my life. In high school (and younger school) I always had these super round super thick glasses. While my eyes have not gotten better i am extremely thankful for the technology that has allows my glasses to look thinner then they actually are.

Likeness Number 3

I had a liked having a fringe, the fringe sat above my glasses and always seemed to cover the same spots, all the time,  I still now always try to have a fringe due to the fact that i have a massive forehead, but i tend to go for the more side swept look. Lol!

Likeness Number 4

I am a super nerd, I'm so much of a nerd that even when i am deliberately trying not to nerd i come across as a major freak out nerd! I guess they just kind of put two and two together.


I have to be honest, I haven't read the books or seen ALL the movies, I've seen 1, 2, and I filled in for my litter brother in one of the last ones because he was two sick to go, (Side note: the cinema totally stuffed on of the scenes up, they showed Ron (i think) in a hospital bed before the fight scene was over) So really i hold a grudge against the guy because of the way these people treated me. Looking back i should have embraced it because the series looks pretty solid.

So there you have it, the reason i hate Harry Potter, general jerks who got kicks out of name calling! Is there something that everyone else likes that you hate? Share in the comments!

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