My Biggest Regret!!

4:47 AM

Hello Dreamers!

Today I am going to write about my biggest regret, I decided to write on this topic thanks to this post here!

I'm not one to dwell on regrets but i honestly thing when people say 'no regrets' they are lying. Everybody has something they would change, something, even if its small!

If I'm honest my biggest regret is lost opportunity, there have been many things that I could have done if I had just realized that it was worth it, or that I was worth the risk on myself.

I think honestly my biggest regret would be not finishing school!

During school I was going through a lot of personal trauma which eventuated in me going from intermediate classes to being put in a class of misfits and outcasts, and my best friend. Eventually I began to fit in and ended up seeing school as a total joke! In hindsight, (what a wonderful thing that is) I wish i never pressured my mum in to letting me be in a class with my best friend all day everyday. I truly regret that and the disragard i hard for my own future.

The class was pitiful. We were assured we would receive our school certificate knowing everything that the rest of our grade knew the catch was we didnt have to sit our exams, we were chosen because of the stress we were under at home, it was overflowing into our school lives interrupting ourselves and other students. It's funny, I'm 100% the psychotic brat i turned in to at school after that was 1000% more disruptive then the person I was before the class.

Early on our days consisted of doing work sheets that matched up to my brother's in the second grade. Legit, no joke, my friend and I took a couple back to my house and matched them up to my little brother's work, that was kind of the point where we gave up, we discovered music, internet and arguing with anybody who would argue back! 

I mean come on! we were the kids from the misfit class, we could literally get away with anything. If my mum found out about the terror I was in high school I think she would disown me!

There are two things i am grateful for though, If I didnt 100% give up on my schooling i would never have found my love for music or my passion for writing, without either of these perhaps my path wouldn't have led me to be where I am now.

So that's my biggest regret. I understand that a lot of it was out of my hands, our parents weren't to know any better and I am all for taking that negative and turning it in to a positive, but I do wonder if creating a life for myself would be easier if I didnt have my education taken from me? I mean every dream other then my writing i had back then has disapeared, its all changed, I haven't talked to my friend at the time for four years.

Do you have any regrets?

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