Kat Von Hall Takes Over With A Q&A

10:58 PM

Hello to all the ladies and gents and anyone who identifies differently than those, I'm Kat and I've teamed up with Monique for a Q&A.... im posting my answers right here on her blog and she will be posting her answers over on my blog at www.KatVonHall.com.
So let's get right into these!!

01: Why did you start your blog/s?
I needed somewhere to vent about everything going on in my life. This isn't an "oh woe is me" thing; i just didnt have a way of getting everything in my head OUT of my head until i started my blog. Since then it's been rather cathartic and it's where i turn when i dont want to be punching a wall.

02: How would you describe your blog?
Much like my head its just a mess of things and events and thoughts. It really has no actual structure as i use it for therapy. Occasionally i'll do a product review of some sort but they're getting few and far between.

03: What/Who was the inspiration for the look/feel of your blog?
This one is a toughie. My main banner (You crazy diamond) comes from a Pink Flloyd song which my mum has always said is "my" song... but the actual URL of KatVonHall is... well it's a mash-up. My name is Kayleigh-Ann Patricia and some friends started calling me Kat, my last name is Hall and i adore Kat Von D so.... it fell into place.

04: What made you get into writing?
Boredom and lack of somewhere to go to talk. Bad shit was happening in my life and i just needed somewhere to go.

05: Describe your writing style>
Chaotic. Sometimes its hard for me to decipher what my notes and ramblings say but it reflects greatly on how my brain works.

06: What is your favourite thing/style to write?
I love writing fiction. I have since i was roughly 16 or 17 and over the years it has steadily got better. I add in some smut and a good storyline and i have a novel coming on.

07: What is your favourite thing/style of writing you love to read?
I love fiction and horror. I love a good who-done-it as well. On the flipside i love reading about people like the Krays, Bronson, Jack the Ripper, Fred and Rose West. I have an odd morbid fascination with how the minds of sociopaths and psychipaths work.

08: What is the cringiest fanfic/story/blog you have ever read and why?
This one is so easy. My Immortal. I cannot remember who it's by but holy cow that is the worst thing i have ever read. Sadly it's like a train wreck and you can't look away. Emo/Goth Harry Potter smut fiction. No thank you.

Shannon Leto
09: How would you describe each other?
que is a sweetheart; she's so bubbly and upbeat even when she's feeling down and i know if i'm feeling down Monique always knows just what to send me (Usually Shannon Leto pictures and gifs...). Monique has amazing ideas and i know she will put everything into motion to make those ideas a reality.

 10: One piece of advice you would give to writers/bloggers just starting out.
Go with your gut instinct and don't write something just to be relevant to the writing/blogging scene because it will be easy to tell. Stay true to yourself in all that you do and i believe you'll do just fine.

Thanks to Monique for letting me hijack a blog post today, love ya lots!

(Side note: if you want to ask Kat or I a question hit us up in the comments, or on twitter by using the hashtag #heartvonblog or twitting us @HeartRiotDreams or @KatVonHall) 

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