Interview: Hannah Harrington, Author of Speechless

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1) What Inspired you to write Speechless?

I just had this random thought of a girl taking a vow of silence. The rest of the story sort of built around that idea. Like, why would someone do that? And what kind of person would taking a vow of silence be hardest for? Once I had thought about that, the rest sort of naturally fellinto place!
2) Was the process for writing Speechless any different to that of Saving June?
I think it took me three months to write a first draft for Saving June, and the first draft of Speechless only took me about one month. However, it was almost half in length compared to its final form, and it went through a lot more revising. I think I had a clearer idea going in what Saving June was going to be, whereas with Speechless it was a little more coming up with ideas as I was writing.
3) Do you have any pets?
Too many! I have three cats—Marley, Ziggy, and Yoko—and one dog, Ozzy. I’m an animal lover. I am one of those annoying people who can talk about their pets for way too long to be socially acceptable.
4) Have you been in a situation like Chelsea?
Thankfully no—Chelsea’s situation, and who she is, is very different than my own high school experiences. I never went through any bigfriendship drama during those years!
5) How do you choose the names for your characters.
Sometimes I try to make them a little inspired (Harper from Saving June is an homage to Harper Lee), but a lot of time I just pick names I think sound good or memorable without being too out there. I like the name Chelsea, and it makes me think of the Chelsea Hotel, a famous place in New York where back in the sixties a lot of famous musicians and artist types would live, and Leonard Cohen wrote a song titled after it. And then I just randomly came up with the last name Knot, and I loved the sound of it!

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