I'm Really Bad At.....

3:00 AM

Guys i am really bad at blogging. . . Or I'm not bad at blogging, I am bad at remembering to blog. But i am going to try and be a little better and do some posts in advanced. So there it is, i suck at this, and I'll try to do better.

I am also REALLY bad at watching TV. 
To be honest, i think sometimes there is just too much good stuff and I cant keep up and then I will be sitting with my friends, (like i was last night at my birthday shindig) and they will be having this really awesome epic debate on who their favorite is and what their favorite show is and I'm like wow, these are really awesome intelligent conversations. . . *looks up at sky* oh wow the clouds around the stars kind of look like Krill. . . it really did though, my brother laughed at me.
More to the point, the same thing happened when i was in high school, these shows would be really awesome and I would be in to them and just watch them mindlessly but then my friends at the time would come to school and talk about all the back story and the ins and outs and I'd be like. . . the flowers are pretty today. . . I am the same way with books and movies.
I do keep up on The Originals (Elijah <3) though, but no one seems to want to talk about those guys! *epic sad face*
It kind of gives me an anxiety of sorts, like I never feel intelligent enough, if I do watch I am afraid i wont be intelligent enough to participate in this conversations, and even worse what if i dont like it? What will my friends think of me? Will they judge me? Will they disown me?
Welcome to an anxiety disorder ladies and gentlemen!!!
Do you have to be intelligent to watch a tv show? Read a certain book? Own a blog?
Realistically i know my friends better then that, i know that they dont care if i dont watch a certain TV show or haven't read a certain book, they're not my friends for those reasons ( some times i do wonder why they tolerate my crazy ass though). I think I've just always had really intelligent friends, I'll even have the balls enough to admit that even the ones i do not like anymore are amazingly intelligent, even if they did turn out to be twats, but often wonder where my not so intelligent ass happens fit in with all of that? Anyway.
So here it is, the point of the post, i want to fight against my anxieties.
I am going to create new page of all the shows and movies I want to watch, and I will talk about them as i do it, like reviews or just thoughts or what ever,

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