Eight Things I Hate!

11:01 PM

Hey guys, I'm back as me today, I have been slacking lately but I have been hella busy, but i have a new routine that I am pulling in to play which should see me with daily if not regular blog posts. Starting today with a quick, no copy right infringement intended to the movie, i enjoy the hell out of the movie. . . i should review it here, . . . yeah i will expect that coming in the not to distant future, but for today here is The Eight Things I Hate.
1. Animal Abusers: There is no excuse for this, seriously. Why do you feel the need to harm and animal? What did that animal ever do to you you psychopathic jerk!
2. Child abusers: So, number one and two kind of go hand in hand in this post, like there is no need to harm either of these things, seriously if you intend to hurt an animal or a child, get off my blog and do NOT come back, i do not need those types of people in my life.

3. Fish: I'm cool with fish being alive and swimming in the ocean but put them on my plate and i will probably vomit on you, ew gross, no thank you!
4. Being called Moni: My name is Monique, I can take any variation of my name, Mo, Mon, Neek, yo bitch over there, but do NOT call me Moni, such a pet peeve of mine, it reminds me of a Mono brow and yeah, please just dont.
5. People who dont do what they say they will: I'm not a complete asshole, I get that sometimes people have legitimate reasons why they cant fulfill something's various good reasons but if we both agree to do something, I do my part of it and you don't at least talk to me about it, you loose cool points

6. Fake people: Useless information - I am really good at reading people, I can nine times out of ten pick when some one is being fake with me and when some one is being sincere. Honestly, I dont think there are many people who like fake people, I'm kind of scared of anybody who does. . .But for real, there is no need to be fake with me, I'm a bitch but not a complete bitch, be real with me and even if i don't like you, I'll still respect you. It's not hard, just be real!
7. Pray Mantis': Okay, I grew up in the country but still this kinda goes for all bugs in general. I hate bugs, they're gross and ewh. but this stupid pointless bug I hate more then most. Honestly, it's a super severe trigger of mine. Long story for another day. . . but ewh!
8. Anxiety: I must mention Anxiety in almost every post i make, it's really something i hate though, i live with it everyday, it's torture, i wouldnt wish it on my worse enemy, nope!

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