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Goodreads Synopsis:
The story of a girl named Chelsea Knot who takes a voluntary oath of silence after her gossip-mongering ways yield unexpected consequences…

Saying she’s sorry isn’t enough.

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My Review

Hannah Harrington's Speechless is a small novel with a strong message. 

The opening pages almost lost me, we begin with Chelsea at her friends New Years party, it was getting annoying the party i was waiting for something to happen, and boy did it, the whole novel was set around this party and let me tell you it was worth it!!! I am glad i didn't give up before the end of 'Day one' Which i was so close to doing. 

This was my first Hannah Harrington novel and i can   guarantee  as soon as my book buying band is over in a few weeks I WILL be buying Saving June, While Speechless was not my favorite novel i am looking forward to seeing how Hannah's style evolves over time.

Even though i gave this novel a amazing 4 stars on goodreads there were somethings i found annoying in the contents. First thing was that it felt like Chelsea - the young lady who has taken an oath of silence - it felt like she was talking to the readers rather then narrating her story, this may be Hannah's writing style and i am eager to see if this is similar in Saving June, and there is alot of brackets. You know (I'm listening to Katy Perry) things that could be relayed with another sentence or two, how ever these small annoyances were probably only picked up by me, as i am a strange strange child. 

The reason i gave the novel 4 stars even though I found the previous annoying, is that Speechless is a great novel about a hard topic that is becoming a mainstream issue, I think it is an important issue and recommend you read this novel, if you get the chance

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