Book Review: Shut Up By Anne Tibbits

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Shut Up
Goodreads synopsis

Mary's older sister, Gwen, has royally screwed up her life. Not only is Gwen pregnant at seventeen, but she's also decided to marry The Creep who knocked her up.

Now Mary is powerless to stop her family from imploding. Her parents are freaking out, and to top it off The Creep has a gross fascination with Mary while Gwen enjoys teasing her to tears for sport.

Despite her brother's advice to shut up, Mary can't keep her trap closed and manages to piss off Mom so much it comes to blows.

Mary doesn't know what to do, and all her attempts to get help are rejected. When she finally plans her escape, she fails to consider how it could destroy them all

My Review:
Anne has created a great tale that told through a childs eyes. a frustrated child who has a horrible time learning to keep her mouth shut.
I love how Anne set the story up made us feel for Mary and hate Gwen and feel anger towards the parents. The novel shows that sometimes we see things in a clouded way. Some times when we're younger we are going through all this stuff and we sometimes think that our parents dont know that we a struggling. I think that this book shows that they really do notice but dont know what to do, after all they are only human.

The novel was a really quick simple read and while i would not say that Anne is up there with my Laurie Halse Anderson but she has a similar writing style where she gets her words across in her own style, not the industries style, i do recommend this book if you like Laurie's novels.

long story short, i loved this novel and i think you will too.

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