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New post!!! I know getting in to this blog routine is a bit pathetic, I'm all over the place but honestly I just want to get to a point where I post at least something small once a day, but right now, I'm all over the place, but never fear, I have a new  plan and I'm hoping it works out and the blog fits in with my routine a little better.

Today's post is about one of the most effective pieces of advice I was ever given.

It's important to add here that I have a server Anxiety disorder that tries to limit me in most situations, I try to fight it most days, but new situations have me a bit off centred, I'll describe my anxiety at a later point in another blog.

So, I study mental health, last year I did two certificates, this year I am doing two more, their assessments are not graded but sometimes they can be far worst than cramming for a grade, they can be ROLE PLAYS (cue dramatic music) Anyway, this day I was to head to TAFE, (higher learning in Australia that isn’t exactly university or collage) on this particular day, a couple of weeks after the course had started we were to do our first role-play, I was petrified.  I was so quiet, the person I had been forced to do it with I wasn’t quiet sure on at the time (she turned out to be a beautiful person.) and my anxiety got worse and worse as the day went on (it was a night class) Our teach, Helen asks us who's ready. I let out a pitiful laugh. . . I was SO not ready, It took all my strength and some major internal abuse, I did NOT want to do this.

So anyway, obviously I had expressed that I wasn’t, and she asked me why, I explained that my fear of doing this, in front of others, and the million things that were going around in my head. She asked me what the biggest thing I was afraid of was to which I said 'I am afraid I am not going to know it and I'm going to stuff up,'
She paused and looked at me thoughtfully and turned to the rest of class and asked who else who felt the same way, most raised their hands. She things for a moment, then she turns to us and says.
"Why did you guys come here?"
"To learn?" some one else answered.
"Exactly, to learn," she continued. "We dont expect you to know this, that is why we assess you so we know what we need to teach you, So relax, take a deep breath, you are not going to fail if you do not know it!"
That statement buy her opened up my eye whole tafe year last year, it gave me so much confidence, it was definitely a huge part in me succeeding last year, and I contribute that to me being so willing to being able to continue my studies this year.
It's true though, We're not supposed to know these things we havent done we before, like a new skill were; learning or a new job, or parentling, We've never been here before so how are we supposed too?
I think we all kind need to chill for a moment and remember that. 
So there we have it, this out off all the advice I have gotten in my life has had a bigger impact on me then anything else. Haha I have gotten some great advice over time, I bet you have too, tell me about it below in the comments, or on my twitter @heartriotdreams.

Thanks guys, talk soon :)

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